Allow dogs in some of Oregon's yurts

The Oregon Department of Parks and Recreation is thinking about relaxing its ban on pets in its more than 250 yurts and cabins and is asking for comments.
It's a good idea. A lot of state park goers bring their dogs and it's difficult to camp at a yurt and have your dogs sleep out in the truck.
The key to the whole debate is to have dog yurts and dog-free yurts.
Campers that use the dog yurts should have to submit an extra $50 cleaning deposit, which is refundable when they check out if the yurt has not been damaged or is not dirty.
I'm a dog owner. Our three dogs go with us everywhere. I love dogs and believe they should go with you on vacations and outdoors outings.
You can comment to the Oregon Department of Parks and Recreation online at
Wonder what the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation thinks about allowing dogs in yurts in Idaho state parks? Right now it is not allowed.

dogs in stores

I get pretty tired of dogs at outdoor events like Art in the Park (they actually asked dog owners to keep them home this year). Too many people around. Also, I get real tired of running into dogs in stores--it's getting to be common in Home Depot and other warehouse stores. Even worse is seeing a dog in the back of the truck next to yours in the parking lot and wondering whether he is going to bite you or not. Dog owners need to be careful where they take them. I love dogs, by the way--just not necessarily yours.

Hmmmmm...maybe so!

If you're gonna put the Pup in the pickup, put him on a good leash and remind him that you spent good money and don't need the ridicule that you let him get out of that bed, get neurotic trying to find you and get lost or stolen and then you get it for not taking care of your own dog.

Watching a dog pace on top of a tool box while the truck is moving bothers me a lot.

Good Point

About dogs in crowds. One time at a FAIR out of all places, I pet a dog only to have the lady come all unglued chewing me out and telling me how lucky I was this dog didn't tear my hand off. I said from a legal viewpoint, yer lucky too!

Dogs in pickup beds and other places on the outside the passenger most states the owner is liable even if you or I are crazy enough to pet the dog and it ears the other hand off however

I think dogs should be allowed in yurts and I live in Oregon

Where ARE all those YURTS?

I saw a picture of one once.

It was owned by nomadic reindeer herders in Upper Slobodia and ravaged by the Slobodh rebels in a firefight.

Oregon State campgrounds are full of yurts....

Some within walking distance of the ocean beaches! But I'll never tell you my favorite spot!

Oh Comon

Our State is littered with them but yeah yeah Where are these yurts? I'm from Oregon too! Are you here to help me heckle the ?

I'm an independent offhand gentlemanly imposition of a right and

Outstanding major general moron. Our Parks dept has a survey on yurts I have gathered. Do they have road signs for yurts and yurt parking along the highway?

What is the DOT icon for a yurt?

Sorry, never seen one. My dad and grandpa have met former Idaho governors and I know an accused murderer at the moment and I've been out with my uncle on a bird hunt, but no yurts.

Seen Yurts Car Sales though.

Oregon yurts easy to find

You can find Oregon yurts by logging on to:
Then hit yurts and cabins.

I'm not bicycling to...

Farewell Bend, which I consider a truck stop. Lake Owyhee campgrounds are closed as of yesterday and that's a ways off too.

There was wildlife where I used to live--college students

I left that wilderness after the last party/fight which had three interlopers--2 with warrants outstanding and 2 with knives (1 with a gun). I'll never go back to a HUD PJ and I have a two bedroom house where some cat came to shoot at my neighbors New Years' 2006 but they caught that coyote!

Where is this Shangri-la anyway? Ain't one on the planet.

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