Meet the hottest concert ticket in the universe: Hannah Montana

Rolling Stones? U2? Pfffft. Those tickets are easy to get. Here's the hottest ticket in the galaxy. And, no, I've heard no rumors of Hannah visiting Idaho. She's actually SKIPPING Boise between Salt Lake City (Oct. 27) and Seattle (Oct. 29). The horror!

Meh. If I had a daughter, I'd consider turning her onto some old-school mall pop instead. And that's only if I couldn't convince her that the Drive-By Truckers weren't going to be the next big thing on the Disney Channel.

I do have a daughter...

and she also likes Kate Bush, Nirvana, and Dave Matthews Band. But she *worships* Hannah Montana.

Those who worship Hannah

Those who worship Hannah should deprogram her promoters.

Broaden her tastes, my goodness!

Get her Gerry Mulligan, Ornette Coleman, Billie Holliday, Bob James etc.

And look up Benny Greb. He was born in 1980 and is an extraordinary drummer as well as an inventive musician. The last album I heard of was called Grebfruit and I think you have to buy online but this guy's FUN!

More fun than a Disney-scalper.

Hannah Skipping Boise

How can she skip Boise? There are so many people that would go to her concert.
I want so bad to get tickets for my 6 year old daughter to see Hannah but I don't make enough money to by one ticket, let alone two and pay to travel. She is a HUGE Hannah fan, I walk into her room and she has her Hannah wig on and her hair brush singing to herself in the mirror.
It is just so hard being a single parent......

I sympathize

But Hannah is not coming to Boise. At least not in 2008. If I was a betting man, I'd say ... probably never. (That's what the movie was for.) Sorry!


Some of her songs sucha as “I Got Nerve” and “G.N.O” fit very perfectly with every day life. This has made her very popular with the teen generation!!
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Now, Dingbat, did I tell youse to spam a two year old item?

Supporting nothing everywhere all day and very well.

Thank you for hollering.

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Supporting nothing everywhere all day and very well.

Thank you for hollering.