Yellowstone moose use roads to outsmart grizzly bears

The idea that roads are bad for wildlife has been supported scientifically and said so many times that it has been taken as gospel by most westerners.

Grizzly bears and elk in particular, benefit from roadless areas mostly because a lack of roads means a lack of hunters. Standards limiting the miles of roads per square mile are one of the most important management tools wildlife officials have to increase populations of both animals in the Northern Rockies.

But what’s good for the grizzly is not necessarily good for the moose.

A new study, published in Biology Letters by Joel Berger of the Wildlife Conservation Society, in Teton Valley, Idaho, says moose in Yellowstone hang around roads to protect their calves. In other words, the moose have learned to use the bear’s own aversion to roads as a survival technique.

Canadian biologists attribute the same behavior to elk and bighorn sheep in Banff National Park.

This interplay between predators and prey and us underscores the roles people play in wild ecosystems. There are few, if any places we aren’t involved in some way.

Our own encounters with nature, no matter how subtle or sensitive are not necessarily benign.

If they'd simply go to

If they'd simply go to Kalispell and buy a Tahoe it would be easier.


HOORAH! HOORAH!, One of the oldest and best obscured secrets finally exposed. Mankind is the scoundrel, Mother Nature the Golden Rule. Animals have the ability to reason. I believe Nature is truly heavenly, not something "Man Made" like religion. A true miracle, is that there are still wild animals out there even after mankind has had guns for years and years. If people hadn't been so busy killing other people, they might have killed all the animal wildlife for amusement.

Such a theory!

Animals don't need intelligence a lot. Many of them can poison, eat or just shred you.

To me that is still victory even after the semi-automatic was invented.