Larry Craig busted in a stall by ... the Village People?

I can't say it's the *best* song I've ever heard. But it did make me laugh -- and attempt to create Craig-based lyrics to "In the Navy," which was always my favorite Village People song. Maybe an Abba tune instead? Like, maybe, "SOS" — which is fitting for those of us in Idaho hoping to escape the never-ending stall jokes coming from every direction? I think we're in for a looooooong year.

Tap your shoe if you agree.

The jokes...

I'm SO tired of the story and negative exposure...

But I'm loving the never-ending ridicule he's getting. Makes me laugh and it's always fresh (as fresh as Craid was trying to get in the bathroom, I'd say).

Anybody write a good Traffic

Anybody write a good Traffic parody for this?

Something to the tune of John Barleycorn Must Die...I guess that would be the default.

It's SOMEBODIES' fault, no doubt.

Maybe "It's Just A Fantasy" By Billy Joel

♪♪♪ "Oh, I didn't want to do it but I got too horny...
Oh, I had to tap my toe in the middle of the da-a-ay;
I know it's awful hard to try to meet a man in secret,
But I needed just a quick restroom lay,
And there's no chance that you can think that I'm gay;
It's just a man-tasy... (O-o-o-o)
It's not the real thing...
Sometimes a man-tasy
Is all a Senator needs..."

Here I come up with

Here I come up with something serious and you come up with Billy Joel?

heh heh

How ironic for somebody who is his own interesting mess but definitely wears underwear. Pray tell, have you always been a Yankovite or did you order the Berlitz course?

I've Been This Way For Way Too Long...

Back when I was 18 (about the time Weird Al got started) I had a version of this song called "It's Just My Hand And Me" that was a real winner with easy girls.

Verry interesting...

I believe Billy probably had that problem too!

Seriously, what do you DO when you're bound to get in trouble regardless of being straight or gay?

I just KNOW they've invented sexless reproduction...yessssss. Sneaky of them.

(Insert Vincent Price laugh)



Adding insult to injury his

Adding insult to injury his wife stood by him during all the press conferences and hardly said much let alone that her husband wasn't gay if anyone could help you get out of that one it'd be your wife. But all those gay porn dvd's she found probably didn't help. Elliot is an angel compared to this guy

Larry's career has been filled with succexs

Larry has had a long and hard career filled with succex. His speaches deliver a strong oral massage to you. You will feel invigorated to climatic surge to release your failures and short-comings. I love Larry like no other man can. Call me Larry, no more stalling around. You're my man now! I know you don't like to be in the closet, but I've got a new water closet, waiting jlust for your inspection. After all, you are a crack politician and a crack inspector! Gotta go. Luv ya, CB

I wonder if you were the kid

I wonder if you were the kid in my sixth grade class with all the Playboy nudie pens and fake dog doo.

Yup, remember when we de-pants-ed you?

You loved it, silly boy. I'll never tell them about your banal ethics probe. Keep your lusty Republican paws off of my Larry! He's all mine! Luv ya, CB

Batter-fried semantics on a stick, kids...the sequel

I doubt you were in sixth grade in 1977, much less have you passed it now.