Jim Risch's lesson from history

Say this for Lt. Gov. Jim Risch: He learns from history.

In December 2004, Butch Otter beat Risch to the punch by dictating the terms of the 2006 governor's race — announcing his candidacy even before then-Gov. Dirk Kempthorne had ruled out seeking a third term. Joining the race first, Otter quickly corraled some high-powered GOP support, leaving Risch on the outside.

Risch eventually decided against a run for governor — although it took him until November 2005 to finally make it official. Risch decided to seek re-election as lieutenant governor, even after Kempthorne left the Statehouse to serve as interior secretary, giving Risch a seven-month run as governor.

This time around, Risch made sure to make the first move. He jumped into the U.S. Senate race Tuesday morning, just five days after the embattled and unpredictable Larry Craig said he would not seek re-election. Flanked by the likes of Otter and Sen. Mike Crapo, Risch immediately staked out his turf as the GOP's establishment choice to succeed Craig.

I agree with ace pundits style="text-decoration:underline;">Dan Popkey and style="text-decoration:underline;">Randy Stapilus: Tuesday's show of force certainly may have the effect of scaring off other mainstream Republicans, such as Attorney General Lawrence Wasden, who had been eyeing an appointment to the Senate. And I think the Spokane, Wash. Spokesman-Review's style="text-decoration:underline;">Betsy Russell presents an intriguing theory: Perhaps Idaho Republicans are trying to put some unspoken pressure on Craig to resign.

However, I also see a shrewd politico refusing to get outflanked a second time.


What a zoo this has all become in two months. BSU football put Idaho on the college sports map and now the wide stance dance man has all but killed forever any more Idaho, Iowa, Ohio jokes. Watch Craig resign after the primary, which would allow Butch to appoint Jim to give him a few months critical seniority over the freshman class of new senators; and it would give Jim an added arrow in his quiver against LaRocco; i.e: I have an edge he would not have. As an aside, I bet Larry now wishes he had a different first name!
Kevin: You are right on. Jim was beat up badly by Butch by waiting and he was not about to let it happen again. Wasden and anyone else will do nothing. The clerks can print the ballots now.


There are 48 other states to humiliate yet (we do it every week in OR) and it takes time or a lot of thinking deficit to make a good fiasco. As I said elsewhere on the site, one good tabloid closed down last month, the media is catching up and in overdrive.

PS Micron is also doing it's best to make Idaho look stupid to the industrial world and the stockholders. Wait till the potato industry hits the skids, and ethanol is murder, lost vegans. I can't afford Albertson's even more than before.

We should become Zombies I guess, seeing Halloween coming up fast...

one last thought

Also, by announcing now and with the public show of support form all repub. heavy hitters, it pretty much precludes Butch from perhaps appointing someone else should Craig resign early. Regarding this issue, my call is Butch was ready to appoint Wasden had Craig followed through and resigned. Now, all that is by the boards. Ain't politics great!

U.S. Senator

I wonder how much worse off we would be if Idaho had NO Senator in 2008? Isn't it time that the "Good Ol' Boys" let go?


It's called for in both the US AND Idaho Constitution, so that's Twilight Zone stuff.

You need to Google 'anarchy' and follow the links as you graduated politics and ran off the road into a creek.

What About The Republican Primary?

Does this mean you're writing off Rex Rammell as a serious contender? *snicker*
His "Ten Principles" look like they line up with Congressman Sali's philosophy -- maybe that's why B.S. didn't show up for the Risch Republican lovefest. Of course, according to Congressman Sali's spokesman, Mr. Sali doesn't even know if Mr. Rammell is a Christian, so that might be a hindrance to a Sali endorsement of Rammell.

No Problemo, Part Deux

"Not knowing anything" NEVER stopped Mr. Sali, including when to be quiet.

reply to "What About"

Yes. If you wish to learn about Rex, google him and you may then form your own opinion.

I Already Have My Opinion

I followed the Rex Rammell story with interest, and completely agreed with Gov. Risch's actions in that case. My post was more intended to make fun of Congressman Sali by pointing out that he seems to have a lot of the same political philosophy as Mr. Rammell.

RE: I Already Have My Own Opinion

You are fortunate as you can simply toss all the junk mail asking you to have theirs!

That sounds like forty lbs extra for the recycling truck.

People who believe God 'ordained' the US to carry out his will

on earth are the last people we need to elect to government offices.


At least Nixon carpetbombed four countries at once and managed to keep three of them secret for a while.

We lost that one, TRUE, and I'm not much of a Nixon groupie but of the current bunch only Rice wears good boots and Judge Judy could outwrassle her WITHOUT JELLO.

Arkansas is a smarter place than you think but I don't think Hillary was actually born there so holler at me after you gather a train of thought to derail ;-)

We should be ANARCHISTS by your standards. It's like "you got in trouble, here boy, you gotta join the Army"...back in the Daze. They are all in some state of goofy, but goofy folks dug them so there. If you want to revise history work for NBC Universal.

Best of luck, wondering why I haven't heard a train in awhile today.

Why not wait to Google..

so the dirt can be found later on and we see what we either MISSED OUT ON or GOT.

It'll be like Christmas (the virus of course).

risch seems pretty good

Other than one blogger who said Risch did not answer his constituents, I have heard nothing but good things about Risch. All good, from dozens of people and some who know him. Sounds good to me.

Perhaps you have a point...

Jim Risch has been the guy that been most of the Idaho government backup lately, head governor and bottle washer and seems capable of just doing the job. He's quietly been the most important political figure around here for a couple of decades.

Even a foreigner from Oregon can see that eventually. Don't forget my parents live in Idaho and I was born there and lived there until the late seventies. I can watch Boise TV from an antenna, I'm not Willa Mette.