Lil Wayne: Out of Ada County Jail faster than you can say "Bail is set at 50 Cent!"

Last I checked, there were 44 reader comments after the article about rapper Lil Wayne's Friday-night arrest last weekend. The comments are all over the map (and endlessly entertaining). Yes, I'm sure that Boise Police run background checks on every rapper who rolls through town. Like, definitely. Uh, no. Here's what REALLY happened: Local authorities were contacted by out-of-state authorities regarding Lil Wayne's outstanding warrant. After determining that Georgia officials were willing to extradite Lil Wayne, Boise Police went and arrested him — AFTER allowing him to perform. (Good PR move.)

What's crazy is how fast Lil Wayne managed to waltz out of Ada County Jail. We initially were informed he would be stuck there until Tuesday — hosed by the Monday Columbus Day holiday. But he managed to get out in less than 24 hours -- at 7 p.m. Saturday. Here's what happened, according to Statesman reporter Patrick Orr, who deserves all the credit for handling the cops-n-courts side of the story: Lil Wayne got his lawyer to go to Atlanta and find a Magistrate Fulton County Judge who was willing to issue a $10,000 bond on the case on a Saturday. Lil Wayne paid the entire bond in cash and walked — or maybe ran — as far away from Idaho as possible.

Ada County Sheriff’s officials said that Lil Wayne's attorney's name is Bubba Head. For reals.

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Sounds like he's got a decent lawyer, even if his name is Bubba Head. That's a silly name.

Sounds like it was fair enough, but I'm a little disappointed. In Lil Wayne's song "Shooter" featuring Robin Thicke he says that he'll never surrender. He says he'll go down shooting.

While I'd never want to put our police force in harm's way, I'm a little disappointed that this gangsta didn't make good on his word.

PS The song is really catchy.

P.S.S. Agreed, it's a great chillin' tune.

Warning: Explicit lyrics (but not too explicit)

Yo I'll have my peeps get to that!

Ah, YES, I remember it well...

Sounds like 144 lbs 10 ounces of the usual carbon graphite fiber Metamucil twin-pop Orange flavor roaming across the universe as far as I'll ever know (my Flash is freezing things for doing some trivial pursuit like this). I've got 572 MB on a PC100/133 AMD board though. I'll watch ONJ and ELO on the 98SE box.