It's Britney, b*tch! (And she wasn't in Idaho!)

With the jaw-dropping MTV Video Music Awards debacle behind her, Britney Spears will debut the video for her comeback single, "Gimme More," this afternoon on MTV's "TRL." YES! People magazine says the video is Spears' "concept and her vision." Makes sense. It's full of sexual innuendo. Britney plays both a pole-dancing skank and an innocent blond onlooker.

Britney probably will try to tell us that this video has nothing to do with sex -- that pole-dancing is simply a form of aerobics. Remember when Britney insisted to Chuck Klosterman in Esquire that, "Look, if you want me to be some kind of sex thing, that's not me"? Riiiiiiight.

P.S. I just spoke to another person this weekend who believes that Spears was lurking in Idaho a couple of weekends ago. Sigh.
P.S.S. The first three words in the headline to this blog entry are the first three words in Spears' new single, so please don't e-mail me for using a naughty word, soccer moms. TIA!

I'm probably ruining

my screen name by writing this, but...

I still think Britney is hot.

I know she's totally washed up. I know she's a big faker. I know she's got more issues than a presidential debate.

But I thought the few extra pounds looked just fine on her. There's plenty of women that wish their bodies looked like that after two kids.

Oh boy, I should not post this... but I'm gonna!

Homie I'm witcha!

Homie I'm witcha!

Beanpoles Aren't Attractive

I like women who aren't all skin and bones.

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Pavlovian behavioral

Pavlovian behavioral studies--the pro-salivation study

You've never dated one but I

You've never dated one but I was that close to it for four years straight.

Rehab is for those who can't pull that off anymore. Britney too.

If she is washed up, explain all the porn girls named Britney, or Christina or PARIS...

Well, yeah onward to reality.