The guy who wants to impeach Larry Craig

Brad Bristol votes in every major election, but isn't involved with a political party and doesn't consider himself very politically active.

The 50-year-old Nampa resident hasn't always agreed with Sen. Larry Craig on the issues, and was disillusioned when Craig offered a defiant defense of comprehensive immigration reform at a Caldwell town meeting last summer. But the last straw was the way Craig responded to his arrest in a Minneapolis airport bathroom — and his refusal to follow up on his "intent" to resign.

So on Sunday night — as Craig's self-imposed resignation date came and went — Bristol went live with a quixotic online effort to impeach Idaho's senior senator.

Bristol is gathering signatures style="text-decoration:underline;">at a site he calls As of Tuesday afternoon, he said he had about 150 signatures.

So far, he says, the prevailing feedback he's hearing is "why bother?" And Bristol knows impeachment is a difficult prospect. In my Tuesday blog post, I cited some history from style="text-decoration:underline;">; only one U.S. senator has been impeached — William Blount of Tennessee, in 1799.

Bristol is considering two routes:

• Gather signatures and submit them to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, since impeachment proceedings begin in the U.S. House of Representatives.

• Gather signatures for a possible recall election against Craig. If impeachment is a longshot, recall seems completely out of the question. As I read style="text-decoration:underline;">the state's statute on recall elections, it seems to exempt federal officials.

Voters have "underutilized" their right to remove politicians from office, Bristol said.

There probably is a practical reason for that. It is a daunting process — as it should be. I don't think an elected official should be fired on a whim.

Larry Craig probably has more pressing worries than an Internet impeachment effort. But this effort is worth watching, if only because it may provide a little more anecdotal evidence into where Idahoans stand on the ever-unfolding Craig saga.

Impeach the Liar

I feel exactly as Bristol does. EXACTLY. He must remember, however, that this is one arrogant son of a gun.....will just NOT leave office. If he leaves the power and the money behind, his playtime is ruined.

Impeachment Is One Thing...

Note that while Sen. Blount was impeached by the House, the Senate decided that it didn't have the authority to try one of its own, so it didn't even hold the trial. Impeachment without the possibility of conviction is an exercise in futility that approaches Salian levels of ridiculousness.

Worth a try...

Ok, I admit I had to look up Salian...........pretty clever..........but at least Bristol is doing something. That's what America is all about. Whether you think it is futile or not, the message rings loud and clear - "CRAIG, YOU ARE NO LONGER WANTED HERE!"

Right on!

I agree that it's at very least a statement that he is not wanted any more. Buh-bye "Man-Purse Larry"!


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There's a difference.

Whoa there, Troyboy! First of all, you would not win in a fight in a back ally one on one I guaran-damn-tee that.

Secondly, I don't think that all gay men carry a "Man-Purse." You obviously weren't privy to the photo of him carrying his yacht tote to his boat and it being called his man-purse.

You show your own bigotry in jumping to a conclusion based on one comment. Maybe you should be looking in the mirror if you want to see prejudice. I have several gay friends. They actually accuse me of carrying a man-purse because I have a soft-shell brief case which I use to haul my laptop and books to school. It's a joke.

Don't get your panties in a wad.

Thanks for the laugh. Sorry it was at your own expense.

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Thats Right

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go go go!

The fact of the matter is,

The fact of the matter is, this is Idaho's seat in the Senate, not Larry Craig's. It amazes me that he thinks it's the other way around. I'll sign anything that takes us one step closer to moving ahead, and getting past this embarrassment the State of Idaho has experienced.

Batter-fried semantics on a stick, kids...

You don't IMPEACH senators, you CENSURE and REMOVE them. You save the really good stuff for the president and vice president.

You recall them maybe, especially if they have too much lead paint.

Larry's Leaded Pencil

Larry has lots of lead in his pencil. In fact I think it’s too much lead for me to handle…mmm, glug… Luv ya, CB

Which Only Goes to show

Who owns the "seats"? Us or Corporate America? Any state any seat? Any party?

Senator Craig

The senator reminds me of a punch drunk fighter swinging away his imaginery enemies reliving the old days. I voted for him but would not again. He blames mitt romny for running over him but I would submit he drove his own bus over a cliff and all his damage is self inflicted. To those who claim he is a poor victim of entrapment dont understand the term. A police sting gives a person the opportunity to commit a illegal act which they are disposed to commit.If the person is encouraged to break the law and coaxed into it then it is illegal. I will not watch his shows tonight as he has no credibility and I dont believe anything he will say. Powerful and wealthy people create their own reality and you cant convince them they are wrong. We are stuck with the senator till his term expires and all the bad jokes about him will not go away. The idea that one of the most important 100 men in government was pushed into pleading guilty to solicting anoymous sex in a public toilet when he was innocent boggles the mind anyone would believe it. Maybe he can join OJ on the golf course and they can both look for those who conspired to do them harm. The senators powerful position insures none in Govt will speak out against him but I bet the senate bathrooms empty out when he comes in the door. Bill Hill salmon Id


Doesn't matter what Craig did or didn't do, he pleaded guilty & the judge made some damn good points. Craig should have known better, being a lawmaker doesn't excuse him, in fact should have been a benefit in several ways.

Using campaign contributions for his legal fees is wrong, just as wrong as campaign contributions & the entire campaign finance problem with democracy. How can any of these guys claim to represent the American people when they take all this money & gifts & then pass legislation giving tax cuts we aborb. We're $9 trillion in debt! Who does Craig think is going to pay this down? Why should he get free council when the average American caught up in the same situation would be screwed?

Illegal immigration & Salmon! Maybe we'll get those two things right without Craig in office. He's not representing the people on these two issues. He's representing contributors.

I'm sure he isn't worried about the national debt with his fine retirement. Besides, Bush & the republican party are all about taking away rights. Craig just had a little bit of what he takes away from others taken away from him. Those phone taps & torture
Bush claims isn't happening are a little more real to Craig now.

Bush will no doubt set up several stings in bathrooms all over America to keep the rest of his party from jumping ship.


Anybody dumb enough to vote for Larry Craig is incapable of understanding what a lying hypocrite he really is. And I couldn't care less where he wants to put his Senatorial staff. Typical Repug animal.

Is a colossal waste of time and cash when the election's so...

CLOSE. Gee Mister, He's not going to come back from retirement so Godzilla has to cremate the joker on the way to fighting Mothra.

Especially I was voting for

Especially I was voting for Larry,and you know why ? He is a great man and he did everything he can to promote his new politics which can help a lot of people all over the world.Speaking about his issue,Spitzer was a great man too , but everyone know that he was detected in London escort girls problem,all we people!