Another breakout game for Ian?

By Chadd Cripe

Boise State tailback Ian Johnson opened last season with a routine 89 yards and two touchdowns against Sacramento State, then complained about the little mistakes he made.

He eliminated the mistakes the next week with a 240-yard, five-touchdown performance against Oregon State.

Could the recipe for success be the same this year? Possibly.

Johnson rushed for 128 yards and three touchdowns last week against Weber State, then complained that he wasn’t yet in game shape. He also talked today about the little mistakes the Broncos need to clean up in their running game this week for Saturday’s matchup at Washington.

“There’s a lot of things that need to be cleaned up and we should have them all pretty much worked out by the time we get to the field on Saturday,” Johnson said.

Johnson’s friends on the offensive line will face a stiff challenge from the Washington defensive line, which might be the Huskies’ biggest strength anywhere on the team. The Huskies held Syracuse to 8 rushing yards.

“Those are some huge boys, and they don’t like to move very much — they like to get in the way,” Johnson said. “When it comes down to it, I trust my O-line to get the job done. It’s going to be a battle, but our big uglies should beat their big uglies.”

let's give 'em some name recognition

O-line: Ryan Clady - Tad Miller - Jeff Cavender - Andrew Woodruff - Dan Gore. And right behind them: Potter, Rudder, Iannacchione, Biedermann, Slater, Gott, and Pete Cavender. This might be the best assembled offensive line to play at BSU. They are going to see a front four on Saturday that might be as good as any that will line up against them all year. This is going to be fun. Punch some holes for Ian or Vinny or Jeremy and bust them loose into that secondary.
Go (big uglies) Broncos!!!!


I really think that Ian will run pretty wild this weekend. His Oline is awesome and will dominate. His backup runners are dynamite and will help soften this pac10 line.

Run wild where?

Run wild he did...20 carries for 81. Heck I think Jake Locker rushed for that or more? Welcome to the Pa-10 where there is speed at every position. If you can't catch Jake Locker with an angle, you're not catching Dennis Dixon. If EJ Savannah is taking an angle on Ian Johnson and stopping him for minimal gains, you're not outrunning UCLA or USC's defense!!!

Other keys to beating the huskies this week

There's been so much talk this week about the battle at the line of scrimmage (our O-line vs their front four). That is huge, but there are some other things that need to happen for Boise State to be successful. At the top of the list is to hit Locker on every play. Don't let him get comfortable running that option or he will pick us apart. Not suggesting any cheap-shots at all, just hit him every time he pops around the end. The guy likes to run like a running back and he won't slide so someone needs to put a hat on him every chance they get. Anyone remember the game at Rice in 2001? Our corners and safeties can be be the key to shutting down the husky triple-threat, wing-t, wish-bone, whatever they call it offense. Locker is the real deal - big and fast for a QB, good moves and arm - shut him down early and don't let him get in any rhythm.