'It's still going to be an explosive offense,' Tharp says

Here are some highlights from the Taylor Tharp-Chris Petersen press conference Saturday afternoon:


“It’s not going to be my job to get things done by myself. It’s going to be my job to not screw it up.”

“There’s going to be highs. There’s going to be lows, for sure. That’s part of this job. Not everything is going to be perfect. You just have to have more highs than lows.”

“For me, (leadership) is kind of being a coach on the field. I know what every guy is supposed to be doing. … I’m not going to be the most fiery guy.”

“It’s still going to be an explosive offense. There’s no doubt about it. We’re going to make big plays and we’re still going to be a lot of fun.”


“We really like the competition we have at that position. Taylor knows he’s got to keep competing and performing and producing, and he will.”

Tharps 40 time

It'll be hard to get used to his 4.8 speed after having Z for 3 seasons...Let's just hope he is accurate and the receivers are ready so we can once again have a duel threat.

fortunately with our o-line

fortunately with our o-line his 40 time isn't that big a deal. My concern though is that we are going to be right back here next year wondering who our QB is going to be. Also with the possibility of another senior becoming the starting QB then and two years from now deciding once again who our QB is. I gotta say I can't wait till a couple years from now when Lomax, Coughlin, and Moore will be the ones competing for the job. That being said though, I am truly happy for TT. It is great to see a senior battle is way to the starting job. Besides that he has big game experience and probably knows the complex BSU offense better than any of the other QB's.


Chadd and Murph, Just wanted to direct your attention over to that joke of a site Broncocountry.com. I try to make it over there once or twice a week to laugh at the complete lack of mental aptitude by any of those posters. Seriously, the combined IQ of all those clowns has got to be something like 87. You've got to wonder which will occur first: peace between Israel and Palestine, or ANY ONE of those posters on idiotcountry.com speaking to a female. I guess we should give some credit to those posters, as they do find the time between living in their parents' basements and working at Wendy's to post on BC.


I think that's more a case of perception than reality. Speaking only from my personal perspective, I occasionally post on BroncoCountry and I am a BSU grad with an MBA from USC. I enjoy reading the interesting and informative(for the most part) takes from my fellow Bronco brethren on BC. I try and fit in time each day between working in my downtown Boise corner office, driving my Porsche, kicking it at my upscale Boise residence with my blond girlfriend, taking my son to his private elementary school, and cheering on my high school alma mater-the mighty Bishop Kelly Knights.

Yeah, the people on

Yeah, the people on 'IdiotCountry' are extrememly stupid. Then there are the intellectual giants on Vanhole Venue who really think they have a shot against USC. Let's compare IQ's... But then again, if you were really that smart you wouldn't have had to settle for law school at u of i.


Z better play well this Thursday. With the Texans cutting Porter and Van Pelt(why they were in the NFL in the first place is a mystery), the third QB spot is essentially his. However, Kubiak will likely only keep 2 QBs on the active roster and would put Z on the practice squad-unless he has a stellar showing. The financial difference is enormous. The NFL minimum is something like half a mil, but if he is put on the practice squad he'll get like $6,000 a month.


If Z only makes it to the practice squad does that mean he has to drive a used Escalade?


While understanding that many Americans are in debt, people who make $6,000 a month should not be driving Escalades. I can tell you from personal experience that I live in a very exclusive, upscale neighborhood here in Boise, and while I drive a Porsche many of my neighbors drive SUVs(including a few Escalades.) However, the demographic here is prodimantly doctors, attorneys, business executives, etc. who have incomes in the high six figures or seven figures.